The Flesh of the World: BUBBLEGUM

Music Video, 2020.

Unfurling like a recollection of sonic memories, The Flesh of the World finds Golpesar poetically weaving sounds of traditional and contemporary Iran within synthesized sonic imaginaries, in a queer act of becoming. The resulting world is one of opposing sonic affects, relentlessly engaged in a dialectical push and pull. Simultaneously real and fictional, loving and angered, abrasive and tender, the sonic narratives of the flesh embody the angst of living within the current geopolitical climate. Undoubtedly, the work’s greatest debt is owed to Parisa, Ramesh, Googoosh, Nargues, Lida, Aida, and all the other powerful Iranian women of the past. Their voices resonate within and beyond its sonic landscapes, holding the power to erase borders and elevate life.

A collaboration between sound artist Golpesar and visual duo she.PHASE (Sam+Emma=<3), The Flesh of the World is a speculative audio-visual work combining the respective universes of the artists.

Released on
The Flesh of the World - Music Video Release, Inverted Audio - Berlin based online music magazine, 2020.

The Flesh of the World - Album Release, Opal Tapes, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK, 2020.