sympathetic bite

Performance. Teensy, accelerometer, electret microphone, TPU, snap button, MAX/MSP patch. 2023.

sympathetic bite is an interactive system for enhancing the everyday act of eating chips. As the eater-performer chews and swallows some crunchy crisps, this mastication companion adds some savory sounds to spice things up. sympathetic bite mimics the gourmand’s chewing dynamism. Pops and crackles are amplified to generate an appetizing soundscape; a subtle nibble will result in mild sonic events, while a vigorous bite will lead to zesty rhythms. This human-machine snack duet therefore fosters thorough mastication and playful eating.

sympathetic bite was developed as part of the synthUX hackathon and is one of the two winning projects.

In Collaboration with Raphael Radna