Rilla Khaled, Steven Sych, Samuelle Bourgault & Pippin Barr. 2020. NEO//QAB: Creating a World Through Speculative Play. In Proceedings of International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA).

The neoqab is a speculative niqab-based outfit of digitally manipulable fabric. For the wearer of the neoqab, they’re covered by an all-enveloping garment. But due to the special fabric, others around neoqab wearers can modify its appearance.

With NEO//QAB, we want people to engage with what it means to control the clothes of others, and likewise, how it feels to be controlled. We present a video of an individual wearing a neoqab, showing how it is controlled. We also make available a niqab-based outfit, and provide a projection setup and software application that bring the neoqab concept to life. We then invite participants to take on the role of neoqab wearer and also controller. Our ultimate intention is that wearer and controller engage in dialogue, and ultimately collaborate to choose the projected appearance of the neoqab.

Original Idea by Dr. Rilla Khaled.

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