sun sets

Live performance. 2018-2019.

If the sunset was a song would it be an ambient drone track or a musical’s grand finale? From a lawn chair overlooking the vista, sun sets contemplates the relationships between the real and the artificial, time and the built environment. A playful and poetic collage of constructed sunsets, assembled through theatrical, virtual and imaginary means. A performance for those who have and have not watched the sun set recently.

Emma, Eryn, Isabella, Leyla, Maddy, Maga and Sam wish they were a band. But alas, their parents insisted they become performance artists. The sunsets they build are drawn from their respective disciplines in theatre, dance, and digital arts. In collaboration, their practice orbits around care for their audience and translating the ideas and methods of different mediums.

Collaboration between Sam Bourgault, Magali Casaubon, Emma Forgues, Isabella Leone, Madeline Joyce Smart, Leyla Sutherland, Eryn Tempest.

Presented at
OFFTA 2019, Espace Wilder, Montreal, QC, CAN

VOUS ÊTES ICI 2018, Théâtre des Écuries , Montreal, QC, CAN