body circuit /
parcours corporel

Installation. 3D printed vessels, silicone, TPU, tubes, motors, acrylic sheet, pumps, valves, electronics, LEDs. 2022.

parcours corporel / body circuit is a kinetic installation exploring human-robot interactions through sensorial encounters. In an haptic network, soft machines hosted in organically-shaped ceramic vessels pinch, inflate and caress disarticulated human limbs, casted after the artists’ bodies. Pneumatic tubes and electroluminescent wires establish connections between zones of interaction. This work creates a unique space where soft and delicate entities intertwine with rigid and intricate bodies, offering both tenderness and support. It presents an alternative world where technology and human body relationships revolve around the concept of care.

Presented at
ISEA 2023, Forum des Images, Paris, FR

Phusis, Perte de Signal, Montreal, QC, CAN